Top Most Important Interview Question for health and Safety Career

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Hello, In this You will some of the question which is asked in HSE Interview panel. Hope You guys become Safety Officer with the awareness of the interview question.

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Alright, Here We Check out with the important question asked for Safety Officer Position.

  1. Importance of a Safety Officer at Workplace?
  2. What is the purpose of Identifying  the hazards?
  3. What do you know about walkthrough and how to check-in?
  4. Know about the Terms like What is IDLH, Color Coding?
  5. What  are the activity to Check while the crane lifting is in progress or to start?
  6. In Case of Emergency on Site, what action you should take?
  7. Say about Hot Work and its requirements?
  8. Describe Fire watcher and its responsibilities?
  9. After Completion of Hot Work Activity, How long the fire watchman will sit at site?
  10. How much distance it should be, between the Fire Extinguisher to hot work activity?
  11. What is scaffolding? How many Types  and its tags?
  12. ScaffoldingParts and its  Hazards and who can erect it?
  13. What is Excavation? And its hazards?
  14. What kind of permit is used for Excavation activity? What are the requirements needed for this activity?
  15. Which Safety device is used for Compressed Gas Cylinders?
  16. List the colors Which is used for Compressed Gas Cylinders, Oxygen Hose And Acetylene Hose?
  17. What is the minimum distance for Oxygen gas cylinders & Fuel gas Cylinders?
  18. What is PPM?
  19. Explain the terms of LOTO, GFCI, ELCB? And how they are Use?
  20. What is confined Space?and list Some examples of hazardous gases used in confined space?

These are Some of the Question which is asked in Organization to test the Employee. After Nebosh Qualification you can understand Health and Safety management and its Controls to the Organisation.

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