Nebosh IGC – New Syllabus

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Nebosh IGC New syallabus

New Look Nebosh International General Certificate. Nebosh IGC New Syllabus 2018 Specification which is now Nebosh IG1 & Nebosh IG2.

Nebosh IGC Course Overview

Of course, POSHE successfully runs training for Nebosh IGC New syllabus training, equally crucial with old syllabus.

As a result, nearly 90,000 learners obtained Nebosh International General Certificate and now its time for you.

Of course, POSHE is a Silver Learning Partner in India as we exceed in the learning partner programme and meet the expectation set by Nebosh. Further, we deliver Nebosh courses in Chennai.

We are proud to be a Silver Learning Partner. However, we aim to provide better service and training to our learners to achieve Gold status.

Nebosh IGC

Nebosh IG New syllabus has got only 2 units. Nebosh IG1 & Nebosh IG2.

Nebosh IG1

Unit 1 – theory paper Nebosh IG1 consists of Health and Safety Management System which covers in the first 4 elements.

Hence, the theory paper focuses on the first 4 Elements of IG1.

Nebosh IG2

Nebosh IG2 is mainly focused on a Risk assessment practical, as this unit assists the learner to do successful risk assessment in their workplace.

The element helps to identify workplace hazards and the ways to control it.

The learner must do a practical risk assessment based on the same.


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