Nebosh Course fees

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Nebosh course fees

As a matter of fact, Candidates may wonder why Nebosh Course fees in Chennai are high? But still, POSHE can offer a competitive price for nebosh IGC course fees.

The Nebosh course fees may comparatively vary from different course providers, of course the details can be obtained from inquiry.

Likewise nebosh igc course fees include the following:


  • Registration
  • British Council
  • Course Material
  • Tutor Charges
  • Tea & Snacks
  • Stationary
  • Administrative Charges

On the other hand to confirm your participation a Part payment is mandatory to enroll for nebosh igc course, In particular upon registration nebosh igc course material will be provided to the candidates which will enable them to start pre-preparation before the session.

Please contact our co-ordinator Course schedule, registration process, and payment terms.

Documents Required for Registration for Nebosh IGC Exam:


  1. Filled in Application Form
  2. Copy of ID Proof
  3. Previous Student Number / Result Copy for re-sitting candidates.


Reasons for Less nebosh course fees:

Many providers provide lesser fees for Nebosh IGC training.


Why Accredited Course Provider do not offer for lesser price?

The reasons for lesser course fees for nebosh course in Chennai or other location:

Because, Sessions are Trained by unapproved Tutors or inexperienced Tutors who usually takes less remuneration for the entire batch.

The course provider can considerably reduce their cost and give the nebosh igc course for the lesser price but not matching the quality.

This is really embarrassing for the candidates, hence after his/her results he defers to tell us the bitter experience he/she had with the previous tutors and institutes

As part of the nebosh igc registration with POSHE, we provide Nebosh IGC Materials, Stationary during registration and also we treat the candidates with good hospitality in providing Snacks for them during the session.

Another key point is that the additional or unlimited training is just a marketing trick; here goes the nebosh igc training starts at 10:00 am and goes up to 01:00 pm with a break of 30 mins.

Hence, the candidates hardly spend 2.30 hours for a day. 2.30 hours multiplied by 5 days comes to 12.30 hours a week and together for a month it comes to 50 hours a month. Refer – Nebosh study hours for nebosh igc.

Where as in POSHE we conduct the training only through approved tutors. Our Approved tutors can help you to run the course in a agreed standard in line NEBOSH instruction.



  • Rashith

    I wish to learn Nebosh training for placement, may I know about the course details, jobs, and fee structure

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    • admin

      Dear Rashith,

      We have sent you the cousre details on your email.

      06-06-19 Reply

    are you providing nebosh with any other course,Package of Course and details

    06-06-19 Reply
    • admin

      Dear Abdul,

      Thanks for your inquiry,

      Yes, we are providing Nebosh IGC with Safety Simplified / Nebosh IGC with IOSH MS.

      Please drop along with your contact number on

      06-06-19 Reply

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