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  • 40 hours of work / week
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Course Brief

The Level 6 Internationa Diploma in OSH is a degree-level qualification for health and safety aspirants who wish to progress their career to next level. Holders of the Level 6 International Diploma in OSH are eligible for (Grad IOSH) membership from IOSH and the first step progress to become chartered members (CMIOSH)

Course Schedule

Week 1:

  • Unit 1 – Element A Fundamentals of Health
                   and Safety Management

Week 2:

  • Unit 1 – Element B Applied Health and
                    Safety Management
  • Unit 2 – Element A Occupational Health

Week 3:

  • Unit 2 – Element B Risks to Health at Work

Week 4:

  • Unit 3 – Element A Developing a Positive
    Health and Safety Culture
  • Unit 3 – Element B Developing the Business
    Case for Health and Safety

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Course Info

Assessment information

The Level 6 International Diploma comprises of 3 mandatory units each units are assessed individually through two written examinations and two workplace-based assignments.​

Unit 1 – Principles of Health and Safety Management

  • Assessed by a 3-hour written examination in two parts. Part A comprises one compulsory, stimulus-based question relating to a fictitious workplace and questions centred on risk management. Part B comprises eight compulsory short-answer questions

Unit 2 – Safeguarding People’s Health in the Workplace

  • Assessed by a 2½-hour written examination and an assignment based on an occupational health hazard in the candidate’s workplace. The examination comprises ten compulsory short-answer questions

Unit 3 – Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace

  • Assessed by an assignment involving an assessment of the health and safety culture in the candidate’s workplace, preparation of a strategy for improving that culture and a business case to support the strategy.

The written examinations test the English legislative position six months prior to the examination. New legislation will not be directly tested until at least six months after it has come into force.

Candidates may choose to refer to new or proposed legislation in their answers and may gain credit for knowledge of forthcoming changes.


Usually the results are declared within 45 working days.

After successful completion of all the 3 units the canidates will their certificate withing 30 Wokring Days from the date of result.

You have shell time of 5 years to complete all the units else, you may have to re-take all the units again.

  • Unit 1 The candidate must score at least 40% in each section A & B.
  • Unit 2 The candidate must score at least 50% each in Written examination as well in assignments.
  • It is possible to fail one component (examination or assignment) but still pass the unit (because of a
    strong performance in the other component), provided the candidate scores at least 40% in the failed
    component. This score of 40% is termed the ‘threshold mark’ and should not be confused with the pass mark.
  • The examination and assignment marks are scaled and then aggregated to give a total scaled mark for
    the unit as a whole. Unit grades are reported as Distinction, Merit, Pass or Fail. Results are posted to
    candidates eight weeks after the examination or assignment submission


Manavalan E DipOSH Grad IOSH

This qualification is taught face-to-face by our highly qualified and experienced educators in a comfortable,
well-equipped classroom. Comprehensive, high quality course notes are available for learners to take away

Vengatean K Grad IOSH \
Lead tutp

The content of International Diploma has been carefully designed to ensure that it covers all the
aspects of occupational health and safety practice needed by a manager, including risk management,
occupational health, promoting a positive health and safety culture and preparing a business case for
investment in health and safety.


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