NEBOSH IGC in Chennai is designed for Managers, Supervisors and employees who requires proficiency in the field of health and safety.

Nebosh IGC in Chennai are mostly valued across globe and is essence for anyone engaged in or facing to field in the breadth of toughness and safety. It offers an fortunate debut to occupational conservation and vigor which develops a part and parcel of competence and is sufficient to trade with entire industries & organizations.

NEBOSH International General Certificate(Nebosh IGC), covers the main stable requirement / standards for stability and shield at workplace, concern and gat a handle on something of workplace hazards and a logical application of these knowledge.

Nebosh igc in chennai

The NEBOSH International General Certificate has 3 units:

Unit IGC 1: Management of International Health and safety

  • Foundation in Health and safety
  • Health and Safety Management Systems – Policy
  • Organising
  • Planning
  • Measuring, Audit and Review

Unit GC 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards

  • Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
  • Transport Hazards and Risk Control
  • Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
  • Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk control
  • Physical and physiological Health Hazards and Risk control

Unit GC 3: International Health and Safety – Work related Practical Assessment.

Course Duration

  • Thirteen days Class Room Training
  • Two hours of Written Assessment for each IGC1 & GC2
  • One Practical Assessment GC3

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