A hazard is ‘the inherent potential to cause injury or damage to people’s health’, or ‘something with the potential to cause harm’. Hazard can be defined to potential to cause injury or damage to people, equipment or material.

The various types of hazards are

Physical – Physical Hazards are conditions or situations that can cause the body physical harm or strong stress. Physical hazards can be both natural and human made elements

Chemical – Chemical Hazards are substances that can cause harm or damage to the body, property or maybe the environment. Substance hazards can be both natural or human made origin

Biological – Biological Hazards are biological agents that can cause harm to the human body. Some biological agents can be viruses, parasites, bacteria, food, fungi, and foreign toxins

Ergonomic or Psychological – Psychological Hazards are created during work related stress or a stressful environment.A person can be a hazard when he/she is affected psychological disturbance through -stress,shift patterns and also can be a hazard when a person is under the influence of alcohol,illness and lack of training.

Typical work place hazards include:

  • Working at heights
  • Noise
  • Machinery
  • Electricity
  • Poor lighting
  • Manual handling
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Fire

Hazardous Event:

A hazardous event takes place when someone or something interacts with the hazards and allows it to cause harm.

Suppose there’s a hole in the ground. The hole (the hazard) by itself isn’t causing any harm, but if someone tripped over it (the hazardous event) then it would be harmful.


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