Nebosh IG2 Practical Risk Assessment

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Stages of Risk Assessment

Nebosh IG2 Practical Risk assessment steps:

  • Description of the organisation and methodology used
  • Risk Assessment
  • Prioritise 3 actions with justifications
  • Review, communicate & Check

Part 1

The description of the organisation should be detailed enough to give the examiner (who may not be familiar with your industry) a clear image
of your organisation.

How you carried out Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment

Identify 10 hazards from 5 hazard category –






These topics can be referred from Element 5-11 in IG2 Textbook.

Part 3 – Prioritise 3 actions with Justifications:

Likelihood & Severity

Consideration of likelihood and severity

(taking account of current control measures) of injury, ill-health or harm occurring.

You will need to typically consider the types of injury, ill-health or harm likely to be seen, the number of workers at risk, how often the activity is
carried out and how widespread the risk is, eg, does the same threat exist in other parts/branches/divisions/sites of the organisation?

Controlling of Risk

Part 4 – Review Communicate & Check

Assessment Submission


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