Is Nebosh IGC Exam is Tough to Pass?

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Is Nebosh IGC Exam is tough to pass?

Of Course true, Nebosh IGC exam may difficult for your to pass, if you do not prepare adequately for passing Nebosh igc exams.

Nebosh IGC course has 3 units out of which IGC 1 & 2 are theory and GC3 practical assessment.

Accordingly the learner must spend sufficient time for preparation before appearing for the Nebosh exams.

The reasons why Learners fail in NEBOSH IGC exam :

  • Fail to attend all the questions due to lack of preparation.
  • Lack of time management as a result of leaving questions without providing answers.
  • Providing irrelevant answers to the questions when the candidate cannot understand the question thoroughly and what is expected from you.
  • Poor handwriting, when the evaluator cannot read your script, he/she cannot award marks.

Four week points mentioned above are significant reasons for a candidate to fail in Nebosh IGC exam. The candidate must identify their weakness and tend to improve their skills to pass NEBOSH exams. Please see our videos on  guidance to pass nebosh igc exam.

Ways to pass Nebosh IGC Exams:

Prepare 120 hours for nebosh igc exams including classroom session and private study at home. Our tutors can analyze your weakness and helps you to guide in right way to clear your nebosh exam.

The Learner has to get adequate guidance from the trainer when preparing for Nebosh exams. The trainer can guide you in exact phase how you to start the exam preparation, the simple strategies to adopt while you do the preparation.

Passing Nebosh IGC exams – focusing onto the nebosh igc syllabus thoroughly and understand the importance of learning outcomes for each element and command words. Referring to previous questions,  practised during Nebosh IGC training session while conducted various activities and assignments for preparing for Nebosh IGC exam.

Lots of questions will be provided to candidates to practice themselves when preparing for Nebosh exams. Candidates are expected to prepare their own answers – the best way is to do group discussion or think yourself in various perception and write down as notes for your reference.

Nebosh Exams in Chennai, Vizag locations are invigilated through British Council, hence the learners must be present in the venue 30 mins prior to Nebosh exam starts with original ID card and Valid Entry confirmation.

Nebosh exams in Chennai venue are fixed by British Council, the venue details are certainly provided to the learners well in advance to plan their travel.

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