Introduction health and safety

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An introduction to Health and Safety

Each year thousands of workers taking time off due to ill-health and safety related issues, in certain cases where the workers suffer major injuries while at work which could lead to permanent disability or in certain cases it can lead to death.

Majority of these accidents are happening due to lack of top management commitment towards health and safety, for instance poor selection of individuals, lack of resources, lack training, no reporting systems, lack of monitoring, put together health and safety is seen as less importance.

All such incidents can be avoided or reduced to certain extent if good standards of health and safety is implemented at workplace.

Hence, it responsibility of the employer to provide a safe work place as low as reasonably practicable. For example, provision of safe access and egress, welfare facilities etc.,

Health and Safety – guides your organization to right path.

Following the legal requirements are one of the significant factor to save lives by reducing accidents and unwanted financial losses.

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