How to Pass Nebosh IGC Course

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Nebosh IGC is a challenging course which requires extensive study to pass nebosh igc exam.

Now let see how to pass Nebosh IGC Course – Learners are requested to go through the entire Nebosh IGC syllabus and learning outcomes before they attend the session for passing nebosh igc exam.

The Nebosh classroom training covers 80 hours of face to face interactive sessions, however the candidates have to do a self preparation every day for at least 4 hours and they are expected do 50 hours of self preparation to pass nebosh igc course.

We also insist the candidate to provide full attention to the nebosh igc classroom training session to gain more knowledge. The learner is expected to give full attendance to the session for 10 days, involving themselves in all class mock exams, to complete the required assignment.

These tips will be highly helpful to pass nebosh igc course during the first attempt.

Formerly, the learner must start a pre-course preparation; upon registration well in advance, the learners can collect their study materials, eLearning access, So that the preparation can be started well in advance.

In addition, when the learners come to the classroom session, they can easily grab the subject and it would be easy for them to follow the Nebosh IGC Syllabus.

Nebosh IGC course requires preparation beyond expectation, the learner must spend atleast 5 hours per day to success in the exam.

The learner must engage in lots of activities during the class including:

  • Taking notes during the class.
  • Chart Preparation work end of each element.
  • Self-preparation at home.
  • Doing an assignment as homework.
  • Completion of Activity Sheet.
  • Group discussion with learners before session starts.
  • Taking mock exams with effort.

When all the above steps are followed on a daily basis, then it would furthermore easy to the learners to clear Nebosh IGC in single sitting.

In addition, the learners are requested to refer Nebosh examiner’s report to understand what the examiner actually expect from you in the exam.

Noteworthy, the learners can refer external sources to gather more information, they can refer UK regulator website , or Health safety Authority etc., for more reference to achieve distinction.

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