Selfie craze turns fatal

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Selfie Accidents

Selfie accidents are caused in major numbers in India, across all the cities and villages. The reasons for selfie accidents are insane certainly end up with catastrophic and deaths.

Research between March 2014 and September 2016 states that 60 percent of the people died when they try to selfie themselves.

India records with high number of selfie deaths comparing to other countries where people become craze to take selfie to show to their friends, relatives or to post in social media,  share in social messaging apps.

Selfie is equal to commit suicide; but unknowingly

People wants to showcase the facts which they enjoyed – it could be a trip to hill station, while playing with their friends, preparing a special receipe, they admire the surroundings and they are curiosed to show the same through different social media platform.

some of these selfie are perfect and successful, peopel realise the risk in it, they maintain their limitations and they are more concerned about their life rather than giving priority to selfie.

However, there are many cases where the selfie itself becomes a threat to life. You must have heared of a selfie taken by 18 years old girl swept by Bandra Sea while taking a selfie, a student tries to take a selfie on train roof was electrocuted by high voltage cables, there are many cases reported people fall from height endanger themselves from this deadly habit.

What you have to do when taking selfie to prevent your self from danger ?

The answer for this question might be very simple, just use your brains to protect yourself from danger.

These following points can be considered when you think about selfie.

  • Avoid taking selfie especially from mountains, beach, behind or infront of moving vehicle
  • Assess the area throughly before taking selfie, i.e how far you can step behind, any options for you to hold to prevent falls, the height of the location, the severity of the harm if things go wrong.
  • Do not stand on any uneven surface, wet surface which could be a cause to fall.
  • Moving vehicles or train speed you can predict, so never take a chance of taking a selfie in front of moving vehicles.
  • When you go see and admire a place avoid taking selfie, pics can be taken by the colleague of relatives.
  • Taking selfie in deep tides, lakes etc must be avoided – for instance a kid fell in the lakes while trying to take a selfie from the boat ride.

When people hold their phone they mainly focus on holding the mobile phone carefully rather than paying attention to self care or other people nearyby.

Assess before taking selfie, plan your selfie safely, change your behaviour –  save your life from selfie deaths.

Lack of awareness and failure to assess the risk before taking selfie leads to such accidents.

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