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Examiner’s Report on Standard Date Nebosh IGC Exam

The Nebosh International General Certificate Examiner’s report provides feedback to Standard Date held in September 2017 are available for students in Nebosh website. Students can download this report and refer for their future assessments.

The reports includes various views and strategies for student to improve their learning method.

  • the type of questions used in the examination papers, the candidate responses to each questions provided with examples of good answers and importance on limited responses from the candidates, the strengths and weakness in attending the exams).
  • few examples of the expectations of examiners, focusing on the challenging questions faced by the candidate during the exams.
  • guidance on examination techniques and command words.

The feedback provided by the examiners for the unit assessment ar, candidates were well prepared for the assessment and provide relevant answers to the questions, this is includes their ability of their interpretation and understanding, their workplace knowledge applied during the exam.

On the other hand, there were few candidates who appeared for the assessment without preparation, which gives a clear information that the candidates have lack of knowledge about the syllabus content and misinterpretation of questions during the examination.

Examiner’s feedback is presented in the focused key areas such as responses to questions, examination technique, the understanding of command words; the feedback assist both the candidates and course providers for preparation of unit assessments in the future exams.

Candidates should make reference to unit assessments IGC 1 & 2 Example questions paper and Examiner’s feedback on expected answers by the examiner.

This includes example questions and details of the expectations of the examiners when writing the answer, the need to improve the areas of under-performance.

Additional information on guidance and command words is provided in ‘Guidance on command words used in learning outcomes and questions papers is also available.

Click here : Examiner’s Report – IGC1 | Examiner’s Report – IGC2


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