How to Pass Nebosh GC 3 – Nebosh GC 3 Complete Checklist

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Guide to pass Nebosh GC3 report

Nebosh GC 3 practical assessment is Unit 3 of  Nebosh IGC, the candidate must score at least 60% to qualify for this unit. Here we have made a comprehensive guide to pass Nebosh GC3. It is a complete Nebosh IGC3 Checklist.

Declaration page – Appendix 1

The first part of this Declaration has to be signed by the candidate. Without this declaration, the reports will not be accepted.

Nebosh IGC 3 Checklist

Observation sheet – 30 Marks

Hazards and consequences – 15 Marks

Clearly, outline the hazards with its consequence. Give a clear picture of what hazards you have observed during the inspection also write its potential consequences; however, marks will not be given without consequences.

Control Measures & Timescales – 15 Marks

Write minimum 4 to 5 control measures for each identified hazard with suitable timescale.

Control measures should be specific in controlling the hazard both immediate and long-term; rather do not mention generally as – stop the work/monitoring/ providing PPE.

Introduction- 5 Marks

Provide an overview of the workplace.

Activities being taken place during inspection.

Executive Summary – 5 Marks

Write a summary of your entire report including the hazards and consequences from conclusions, recommendations from recommendations table; write the benefits to the organization if they implement your recommendations.

Findings carry majority of the marks, it helps to pass Nebosh IGC3

Main findings of the report- 30 Marks

Bring 6 – 7 prioritized hazards from observation sheet, do not copy paste, rather you have to explain or discuss the hazards in detail, taking into the account of the possible associated hazards and harm from each prioritized hazard, however do not forget to mention its consequences here.

Breach of standard – 5 Marks

Certainly, write the relevant law or act or regulations to be noteworthy here to mention. For instance, instead of writing ILO or Indian Factories Act or BOCW Act. Clearly mention with its sections or sub sections and explain in your own words what is the legal requirement which is breached (What the law / regulations demands) – in your own words, do not copy paste from internet or any published sources.

Persuasiveness, Moral, legal and financial argument – 10 Marks

Write how morally, legally or financially the hazard can affect the organisation, its productivity, or employee morale in detail.

Here is the way to conclude Nebosh GC3 report

Conclusion – 15 Marks

  • Conclude your report with general reasons.
  • Write the summary of discussed hazards from the main findings with its consequences.
  • Do not write the breach of law or recommendations here in conclusion.
  • Write the benefits to the management if they consider your recommendations to control the prioritized hazards.

Recommendations Table- 15 Marks


In this case, for the hazards summarized in the conclusion, write the recommendations here in the recommendation table.

Likely Resources implication

The resources required to implement the recommendations, for instance, cash, manpower or materials. If the recommendations don’t involve cost then mention as no cost involved.


Give priority for the recommendations like high, medium or low. hence, do not give high priority for all the recommendations.

Target Date

Give target date by calculation approximately how much time (how many days or weeks) required to implement the recommendations.

Calculate the target date from your submission date. For instance, you require 7 days to implement the recommendation. Your submission date is 01st June 20XX, so from this date calculate 7 days then mention your target date.

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