Toolbox Talks

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Toolbox Talks (TBT)

What is a TBT?

A TBT is a short meeting at the worksite (approx 15mins) before the work starts.  All the employees who are present for the shift shall attend TBT.

The person in charge of the work (the worksite supervisor) delivers the TBT using a toolbox talk form.

Workers attending the TBT, sign an attendance sheet to say they understand the work, the hazards and controls.

Why are TBTs required?

A TBT is used to ensure that the work crew understands the work-scope, the hazards and controls associated with the work and what recovery/contingency measures are required if there is an emergency.

What should be in a TBT?

A toolbox talk should include the following information:

  • objectives of the job (Desired end state, work completion) and work scope (Today’s scope of work)
  • plan & methods, including review of relevant parts of the Method Statement &/or HIP any other relevant work scope related document
  • Individual responsibilities, who is going to do what and when (how many people will be required, are any particular competencies required e.g. electrical
  • Emergency Response evacuation alarm systems, escape routes, assembly points and emergency response equipment e.g. eyewash stations, first aid kits
  • any particular hazards associated with the work scope and the controls that are required to be in place (as per the HIP/JSA)
  • the tools and equipment involved (any lifting equipment – relevant certification)
  • potential conflicting activities & any associated hazards is there any other work being carried out on the site which could affect this work
  • learning from previous incidents relevant to this work, also feedback on what went well yesterday, any PAKATS//Hazard Recognition Cards raised and issues that were of concern to the supervisor
  • Questions and Answers The worksite supervisor should ask his worker a mix of open and closed questions to check that they understood his toolbox talk.  Workers can ask the Worksite Supervisors Questions.

 Toolbox Talk Planning Form

Delivered by Supervisor: Date: Location: Attendees/sign (Reverse):
  • Objectives of the job (What is the desired outcome?) Today’s Scope of work
  • Plan and Method (step by step what are we going to do)
  • Individual Responsibilities
  • Emergency Response (fire fighting, eyewash, first aid)
  • Hazards in today’s job (refer to HIP/Risk Ass)
  • Equipment involved
  • Materials to be used
  • Any potential conflicting activities (other work going on nearby?)
  • Ask ‘open’ questions regarding the above, use, why, when, who, where, what and how
  • Learning from previous incidents (if applicable)



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